Did you know that our nonprofit store was founded by volunteers almost 30 years ago and that we've been supported by volunteers throughout our history? Though the role of volunteers has evolved and changed just like we have, one thing remains the same: the work of volunteers is critical to our mission!

Since the start of the pandemic, our existing volunteers have only worked in the store on a limited, as-needed basis. We hope to be able to bring our current volunteers back more frequently soon, and our goal is to recruit and train new volunteers over the summer. Our busiest time of year is the holiday season, so we have the greatest need for trained volunteer help in November/December.

Interested in volunteering? Check back on this page and on our social media for updates (@bullcityfairtrade on Facebook & Instagram). We will be sharing more info over the coming months about what volunteering with us looks like and how to apply.

Thanks for your interest!