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An entertaining musical journey to Quebec, France and beyond. Updated with 4 new songs. Bon voyage!

Most of the songs on this collection come from France and the province of Quebec in Canada. French music has been influenced by popular sounds from around the world including jazz, reggae and African rhythms. We hope you enjoy this musical rendezvous of fun French songs. Bon voyage!

Song List:

1. L'Autobus à Vapeur - Bonjour, Bonjour (France)
2. Pakita - La Princesse aux Ailes d'Avion (France)
3. Polo - Petit Français (France)
4. Chantal Chamberland - Les Champs-Élysées (Quebec, Canada)
5. Triton - L'Ile Maurice (Mauritius)
6. Dominique Dimey - Clic-Clac Oh C'est Beau! (France)
7. Catherine Durand - Le train du Nord (Quebec, Canada)
8. Yves Lambert - Barati, baratin (Quebec, Canada)
9. Ariane Moffatt - Le Matin en Patins (Quebec, Canada)
10. Bénabar & Associés - La P'tite Monnai (France)

Size: 4.75" x 4.75"


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